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The Power of Java7 NIO 2 advanced concepts

In this session hear how a leading financial services company uses Java 7 NIO.2. This session will covers all the important aspects involved in developing advanced NIO.2-based applications. It provides clear instructions for getting the most out of NIO.2 and offers many case studies to spice up your Java 7 applications with the new I/O capabilities.

- The Path class operations.
- Need to copy, move, or delete an entire directory? Use the FileVisitor API.
- Explore the Watch Service API and file changed notification.
- Develop blocking/non-blocking socket-based applications. Learn how to develop Java network-based applications in blocking and non-blocking styles. Both TCP and UDP are covered in brief.
- The Asynchronous Channel API. You can develop asynchronous network based Java applications with a suite of classes and options.
Martin Harrigan : Link to presentation:

[MC-Tillage] - ลบ Java8 ลง Java7

นายกษิดิศ เอียดดํา : hello MT.Soll

Difference between Java 7 Java 8 [coding]

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Prashant Surti : nice voice
Jmamu broom : Watch with Playback Speed = 2 and is super quick.
Caroline Leblanc : youre very good at tutorials but people who watch this probs know the basic stuff like the others said
Do Nguyen Thanh : I have Indian English, couldnt listen clearly
Jean Bacan : Nice voice and english but took too many time just something that could be in 3 min. Lambdas and what is lambda.




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